"Hasapiko "- 150 dancers in Mykonos!

Unique, original performance took place in the harbor of Mykonos on the day of Palm Sunday - April 5. A group of 150 dancers - fans danced the traditional "Hasapiko" of Mykonos with synchronized steps 25 figures. Hasapiko (Gr. Χασάπικο; «dance of  butcher") - Greek folk dance, previously had ceremonially crafts and executes value as a military ritual.

Dancers from the age of 8 to 70 years, presented their best dance rhythms to music of Mikos Theodorakis.

The purpose of this event, is to once again highlight Mykonos with its traditions and culture that its inhabitants are passionately transfer from generation to generation. After "Hasapiko",  sounded Greek traditional music and celebration lasted until late in the night.

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