Easter celebration on Corfu

Corfu is one of the most special Greek Easter destinations. Easter rites on the Island consist of a unique mosaic of different traditions, which are directly related to the rich history and multicultural nature of the island.

Unique traditions, classical concerts and church music, sounding in churches form a unique atmosphere, which does not leave anyone indifferent.

On the morning of Palm Sunday procession passes with the relics of St. Spyridon, the patron saint of the island. This custom dates back to 1630, when Saint Spyrido  saved the island from the plague. The procession is accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestras of the island. On Sunday dinner is usually served cod with garlic sauce.

In Great Monday housewives bake the traditional fogatsu, a type of  Easter cake decorated with eggs, painted in red.

On Holy Wednesday, in the evening, the faithful gather at the city theater for a concert of sacred music and chants of Holy Week performed by the Municipal Choir.

In the evening, on Holy Thursday Holy Passion of The Service is committed reading of the Twelve Gospels. In the cathedral of the Roman Catholic diocese in the Town Hall Square are lit 12 candles to blow out one by one to complete the reading of each Gospel.

On Good Friday in the early morning rituals of Epitaph (Shroud ) are performed, when believers mourn the suffering of Jesus Christ. Processions, symbolizing the funeral ceremony, bypass the entire city, occasionally crossing. In the evening procession there  takes place the last and most impressive epitaph. Epitaph is carried  on their shoulders of the sailors, followed by the priests and the Philharmonic Orchestra, performing funeral marches.

Early in the morning on Holy Saturday (6.00) in the temple of the Holy Virgin Xenon, after reading, there is  performed  earthquake simulation reproducing the gospel earthquake that followed after the Resurrection of Christ, with a thunderbolt, symbolizing the triumph, the victory of life over death.

At 11 am in the Cathedral bells begin to beat with joy, the ringing is followed by throwing from the  windows and balconies decorated with red cloths of clay pots filled with water - the most popular Easter tradition in Corfu.

In the evening, on Holy Saturday there will be accomplishing of the service of Easter. It runs on the Upper (Ano) square area. Thousands of people gather with lighted candles on the square to celebrate Easter.

On Sunday, Easter Day, there starts Procession of the Cross on the streets of towns and villages after which the festival begins with songs, dances, wine and a variety of Easter dishes.

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