Tour in Athens with the locals

Now, every guest of the Greek capital will be able to use the new free program "This is my Athens", which makes it possible to see the city through the eyes of Athens locals. The volunteers and the persons  reached the age of 18 will be working as the guides and  will be happy to show their city to all tourists.

Everyone will be able to pick up a personal tour around the city with the opportunity to see a bit of Athens from the over side, like  visiting less famous places and feel like one of the capital's residents.

Local guides and volunteers are not officially licensed tour guides, specializing in history, architecture and cultural heritage of Athens. But this is more positive side - there is a chance to discover the "other" Athens.

You can find more information on the program "This is my Athens" on the web-site.

More detailed information on the service "This is my Athens" can be found on the website

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