Bike cafes in Athens

Five years later after the sudden boom of cyclists in the city a  bicycle seems to have become a real trend for the residents of Athens. Leisure time and convenient transportation around the city, pedaling, means that you like exercise and sunlight, rain  and challenging roads or, having no other means of transportation, use your bicycle, which has long stood on the balcony.

Therefore, in Athens opened three cafes for cyclists: Flamme Rouge, Coffee Bike and Handlebar. Independently of each other and aimed for a different contingent of cyclists, three cafes became the spot for cycling activists.

Going to the Flamme Rouge, one can not ignore a striking design using a variety of items related to cycling.  Also, here you can always find refreshing drinks enriched with electrolytes, energy bars and food rich in carbohydrates. And on Sundays there are special discounts for anyone who arrives by bicycle.

Coffee Bike, a classic example of a bicycle cafe offering transit cyclists the opportunity to check and repair their bicycle for free. In a small workshop, cyclists can check wheel, inflate the tire, find accessories and spare parts, leave their  bike or rent one for small walks. Indeed, this area is ideal for cycling and there are several people, who use the bicycle as a means of transportation, explains Doris Petsas, the store owner.

Handlebar will surprise you with its decor, relaxed style that prevails in the interior, and of course its menu. Here you can find energy-breakfasts, desserts and a variety of beers at very reasonable prices.

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