Mediterranean interior of your home!

Have you, coming to a new counntry, and fell as comfortable as at your home? It is bound to be happen when you are in Greece!!! Sun, sea and Mediterranean style interior dos not leave anyone indifferent and give the desire to bring thefeeling of the Southern warmth and comfort in your home. Here are some practical tips.

The interior is decorated in Mediterranean style, will de a real boom for the adherents of the holiday, but at the same time relaxed atmosphere. The combination of marbel, wood, colored tiles, rough pastered walls create a desired texture, and the use of bright colours, the deep sea colours and plants with sky-blue and pink blooms give the interior a necessary lightness and freshness.

The Mediterranean house plays an important role in the kitchen, which is also its center and a place of attraction for all the family. It should be as functional and spacious. Ideal kitchen-cupboards, open shelves and hanging shelves, dishes should also be in harmony: Choose handpainted ceramics.

If you are not ready for radical change, you can impress your friends and cover with a beautiful holiday table, adding a few design elements in a nautical theme- seashells, candles,sand. Sunny mood guaranteed.

Rough pine furniture and oak well fit into the interior living room. For greater effect, the wood surface can wear out slightly.

The bedroom is prefered simple, unpretentious atmosphere: the bed forget with metalor wood, eleganted dresser. Textile plays an important role.

The details that feet perfectly into your new interior create a special atmosphere of comfort tapestries, marine items, pictures and models of ships. Preference is given to white tones of the furniture, the blue decoration cushions, set of shells, as well as vibrand colors, quirky interior decorating. 

But, of course, everything depends on you! Play with shades of fabrics and furnishing, and you will succeed!

Pyridou Marina

Construction Engineer Company Grekodom Development (Civil Engineer).

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