Greece sea is regodnized as one of the cleanest seas in the world.

The 97% of sea waters in Greece are rated as water ''exceptional quality'' according to the annual report on the quality of sea water, published by the European Enviroment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission. The report compares the quality of bathing sea waters in more than 21,000 coastal and inland bathing areas in the Eu, Switzerland and Albania in 2014. Across Europe, the quality of  sea water in 83% of areas considered to be of exceptional quality, which is 1% more than in 2013.

All bathing areas in Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta have a sea water of exceptional quality, according to the same report, while behind them are located Greece (97%), Croatoa (94%) and Germany (90%).

Only 409 beach areas in Europe were marked of ''unsuffisient'' quality water, accounting for less than 2% of the total. The highest rates in this category are:  from Italy -(107 bathing areas), France -(105 bathing areas) and Spain -(67 bathing areas).

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