Grekodom Development Presentation in the city of Pskov.

May 28 in the city of Pskov was the presentation of Gekodom Development Company on ''Real Estate in Greece'' for ''Realtors Property Center'' in Aventine-Pskov.

In a separate formation, meeting was held a rounde table of president of NP ''Pskov Guild Of Realtors'' Roman V. Mksimenko, Director General of ''Grekodom Russia'' Democritus Tersenova and the Director of the company Grekodom in St. Petersburg Valeria Yakovlev.

Main themes of presentation:

-The basis of partnership with Grekodom Development.

-A review of services provided by Grekodom Development.

-Priority conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Greece.

-An overview of real estate prices.

-Design, Construction.

-Tour of property (the tour for 1Euro).

Legal Support.

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