Thermal Springs in Greece.

Greece attracts a big number of tourists, especially in the summer period. Hotels offer allot of entertainment for every age-group. Parents can enjoy a quiet vacation by lining their children in the care of the experienced animators, young people can recharge their batteries by making water sports such as scuba diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, wind surfing, skydiving and visit numerous nightclubs. The elderly can combine sightseeing with a swim in the emerald waters.

The sea water combine both, cosmetic benefits (help to recuperate, to lose weight and to become extremelly prettier), medical benefits (lower blood pressure, strengthens the body, improvement of blood circulation) and much more. The sea has a anti-stress effect, which is well known to the neurologists.

Water treatment can be done not only at sea space, but also in the thermal springs, Greece ranks first in Europe in the number of thermal springs, and their use for therapeutic purposes which has been knowned from the ancient times. 

The Loutraki hosts thousands of tourists the whole year round, the ancient city, formally called Terma got the name from the natural sources of mineral water, medical properties which make natural water Loutraki the symbol of healthy life. 

The island of Evia, the hot water of Edipsos are famous for the medical and health properties for more than one milennium. The Natural Springs come to surface from a depth of 3.000meters. A significant amount of healing waters is running into the sea of Edipsos.

5 kilometres from Agia Paraskevi, close to the sea, is the village of Loutra, which means ''water resort bath''. This village got the name because of the healing springs, rich of sulphur. The hot Springs, located in the southern part of the peninsula Halkidiki on the top of picturesque hill covered by a fluffy pine fores, offer a breathtaking view to the Aegean Sea.

The Baths of Kallithea and the medical sources are located in the eastern part of the island. Distance from the city of Rhodes- 9kilometers. On the west coast of the island is a beautiful park with geothermic waters. 

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