An unkown jewel of Peloponesse- Porto Heli.

The southern Greece successfully acquires the status of ''Greek Riviera'' competing with Monaco, the favourite vacation spot of Queen Letitia and Christian Ronaldo, says the British newspaper Daily mail in an article devoted to Porto Heli, the beauty of which no one can resist.

Crisis..., strike, economic hardship..., the country is on the brink of default..., those are the things that TV channels with an injected excitement published about the alleged catastrophic situation of Greece,  but at the same time, it is essentially the free publicity that attracts the attention even of those who yesterday was not interested in a country like Greece, with magnificent sea, a unique climate and with a wonderful, cheerful and friendly population. One of these places is the Greek Riviera Peninsula, Ermionida prefecture Argolis on the eastern Peloponnese. The area called Porto Heli as the eponymous town with an excellent natural harbour. The ensemble is complemented, is located opposite the picturesque islands of Spetses and Hydra. The crystal turquoise waters, the coast's unique landscapes, literally poured into local air atmosphere of peace and tranquillity, the healthy climate with dry air and light breezes in the summer, many beaches and coves, and many historical sites. This is only a small part of the benefits of the region.

Here almost all year round, you can swim in the clear sea, to engage in various sports, cycling, fishing, getting a gastronomic pleasure in restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine, relax in the coastal cafes and bars, enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings on the magnificent beach of Agios Emelyanos, kunupi, Hinitsa, Costa Petrothalassa, Ververonda, Jamie, Ermioni, Kranidi and Kilada. 

The non-transferable pristine beauty of the natural environment combined with luxury service; cosmopolitan lifestyle in combination with privacy and security, makes Porto Heli the place of attraction for celebrities, movie stars, music and sports, well known businessmen and politicians. Plus there is infrastructure for secure anchoring mega yachts.

The popularity of the eastern Peloponnese, which increases every year, and soon will become one of the most famous and favourite resorts.

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