The Presentation of Activities Program for the 44th Festival of Olympus.

On 6 of June 2015, in the conference hall of the municipality of Katerini, was held the Presentation of Activities program of the 44th Festival of Olympus. The events of the historical and the archaeological sites, in the region of Pieria (Olympic Riviera) begins on 04/06/2015 and continuous until 30/08/2015.

Responsible for the organization of the presentation was the actor Mr Mistakidis, who presented the program as follows:

July 9:30

04.07 Saturday- ''Before the Dawn'' Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Th. Papathanasiou-M.repa, Katerina Kouka-Stelios Dionisiou-Sofia Vossou and others.

Entrance: 15 Euro

07.07 Tuesday- ''Cinema Morocco'' (Andalusia Môn amour by Mohamed Nadif). Open Theatre, Park of Katerini.

Free Admission

10.07 Friday- ''Tale without a name'' Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Karmen Rougeri

Entrance: 10 Euro

11.07 Saturday- ''Elektra'' Sofoklis. Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Gergios Kimoulis- Athina Tsilura

Entrance: 18 Euro (Soc. groups: 12-14 Euro).

13.07 Monday- ''Cinema Morocco'' (Majid by Nasim Abassi).Open Theatre, Park Katerini.

Free Admission

18.07 Saturday- National Theatre ''Assembly of women'' Aristophanes. Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Giannis Bezzos- Panos Vlaxos- Giannis Zouganelis.

Entrance: 15 Euros (Soc. Group: 12 Euro).

25.07 Saturday- ''Iphigenia in the Taurus country'' Aristophanes. Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Thomas Mosxopoulos- Amalia Mpoutousi- George Xrisostomou.

Entrance: 15 euro. (Tickets acquisition, 15 days before the start of 10 Euro) (Soc. group: 12 Euro).

29.07 Wednesday- ''Apology of Socrates''. Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Dimos Avdeliodis

Entrance: 10 Euro, Starting: 19:30.

31.07 Friday- Concert: Giorgos Dalaras- Eleni Vitali-Glykeria. Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Entrance: 15 Euro

August 9:00

01.08 Saturday- ''Aharneas'' Aristophanes. Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Director: G.Kakleas- B. Charalampousi and others.

Entrance: 18 Euro (Soc. Group: 12-15 Euro.) tickets sale

02.08 Sunday- ''Scents of Love'' Alexandra Gravas. In the Byzantine Church of the Panagia Kondariotissa.

Participants: The Youth Orchestra Four Voices, Center for Education and Art, and Asia Minor Choir Dion Pieria.

Entrance: 10 Euro (8 Euro in advance).

03.08 Monday- ''Lysistrate'' Aristophanes. Archaeological Park of Dion. 

Producer/Text director: Thomas Velissaris.

Entrance: 8 euro (Soc. Group: 5 euro).

05/06.08 Wednesday and Thursday- Open Jazz Festival, Park Katerini.

The ensemble- Takis Mparmperis, Quintet- Maria Manousaki, Quartet- Takis Paterellis.

Free Admission

07/08 Public Speaking Friday- Archaeologists on ''Secrets of the Great Gods Samothrace''. Archaeological park of Dion.

Dimitris Pantermalis ''Marocco Greece Audited ancient relationship''.

Musical program: Dionisis Tsaousidis- Tenor.

Free Admission

08.08 Saturday Concert Theatre

Dion Archaeological 

Giannis Charoulis

Entrance: 13 Euro (10 euro in Advance) tickets sale

09.08 Sunday ''Nefeles'' Aristophanes. Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Gaffer. Vas. Papavasiliou- D. Filippidis- S. Mainas and others

Entrance: 18 Euro (Soc. group: 12-15 Euro).

10/12.08 Monday –Wednesday- ''Agamemnon'' Aeschylus. Archaeological Sites of Livithron.

Director: Dimitris Siakaras

Entrance: 10 Euro

12.08 Wednesday- Concert: Kostis Maravegias. In Platamonas Castle.

Entrance:12 Euro (10 Euro in advance).

13.08 Thursday- ''Opera Chaotique''. In Platamonas Castle.

Entrance: 10 Euro (8 Euro in advance).

14.08 Friday- Concert: Melina Aslanidou. Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Entrance: 12 Euro

15.08 Saturday- ''Antigoni'' Sophocles. Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Gaffer: Themis Moumoulidis- Nikitas Tsakiroglou- Ioanna Papa-Stavros Zalmas.

Entrance: 16 Euro (Soc. group: 13 Euro).

19.08 Wednesday- Archaeologists Public speaking on the topic ''Ancient Pydna and Pieria''.

Giannis Papadopoulos- Excavations in Methoni Pieria.

Manthos Bessios & Athina Athanasiadou- New Discoveries in Ancient Pydna.

Free Admission

22.08 Saturday- '' Mythical world of Heaven and Earth'' Ancient Theatre of Dion.

Speaker: The Luceum of Greek Women of Katerini.

Entrance: 8 Euro (6 Euro in advance).

28.08 Friday Ioannina ''Prometheus Bound'' Aeshylus.  In the Ancient Theater of Dion. 

Gaffer: K. Filipoppoglou with Tassos Nousia.

Entrance: 18 euro (Soc. Group: 10-14 Euro).

29.08 Saturday Musical ''Melody of Hapiness''.  In the Ancient Theater of Dion.

Gaffer: Themida Marcelou with Akis Sakelariou- Natalia Dragoumi.

Entrance: 15 Euro, Children: 12 Euro.

30.08 Sunday- Concert by the ensemble of the National music from Morocco.  In the Ancient Theatre of Dion. 

Free admission

Also, July 4-August 30

Exhibition of Postage Stamps & Fasteners (Morocco) from the center of the Mediterranean Mosaics Dion.








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