A new project take place in the eastern Peloponnese.

The Holding Dolphin Capital Investors (DCI) is the last stage of a new tourism investment in Ermionida Argolis. Now final matter now, is the building permission, to start developing Killada Hills, a luxury residential complex, hotels and a golf course. The cost of the new project will be 418 million euro, and it will be developed on an area of 2100 hectares of the Compass Overseas LTD, controlled by DCI. In general, the plan is to build a luxury hotel with total area of 29.150 sq.m and a golf course, the surface of which will be 768 hectares. However, the majority of attention will be paid to the residential complex. The constructing plan contains 320 villas, 100 detached houses and 28 residencies. On the whole, will be built 178,428 sq.m living area and 207,578 of spa facilities. A young team of managers in Dolphin Capital Investors in London, far-sighted it turns out that, if we consider the new airport in Tripoli that is based on the Peloponnese Porto Heli in 2 years will be ready to accept new tourists. The infrastructure as well as the excellent road from Athens (just 2 hours) and the town of Naphplion and Patras, known marina for yachts and motor approach the courts, helicopter base and a big number of sandy coves... all this is a quite a serious argument for Porto Heli. Vacationers tend to choose villas next to the new golf course or along the Gulf of Porto Heli. The construction of the new five-star hotel Amman Resort, and renovation of exciting hotels, dramatically increases the attractiveness of the place.

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