Mykonos the new Ibiza!!!

While the Ibiza has become the summer place for yoga, meditation and relaxation, the clubbers and those who want real action have moved to another island, Mykonos. Thus begins the tribute to Mykonos the Web ''London Evening Standard'', which refers to how popular has become the Greek island in recent years, from Holywood stars, to hardcore clubbers. Here you can meet whoever you want without having to go outside of the country. You can see the famous angel's of Victoria Secret wandering their shapely bodies, many famous actors having a drink, known fashion designers and athletes. Mykonos is ''Must'' because you can see the American actress Lindsay Lohan swimming in to the cool water, the Russian Croesus Vladislav Doronin and if you are lucky you can meet the most famous family of America, the Kardasians. According to the publication Mykonos is a dream. The clubs are filled and the clubbers are dancing madly, to the sounds of the famous DJ David Morales. Last summer Mykonos had the largest number of jets in recent years. Now is the place where famous Fashion magazines get their photo shoots, such as Vogue and many others. Every night on the ''Island of Winds'' is now something new, something different. 

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