The Emerald Island of Thassos- A beautiful combination of Mountains and Sea.

The island of Thassos is rightly called the ''Emerald Island'' of Greece, as one of its main advantages is the rich greenery. Pine forests, chestnut forests and numerous plane trees provide the island a cool temperature all year round. Thassos- is truly a paradise for all who love nature. 

The road structure is in excellent condition, which enables the travellers to explore the whole island without worrying about the course because of the road conditions. The beaches of Thassos are easily accessible, and the sea water affects the purity and magnificence of all shades of turquoise. The capital of the island is Limenas, which is the main port of Thassos, from there climbing on a hill and taking a narrow path you can visit the ancient theatre, a platform which offers breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. 

The island has two main areas for further exploration: the first is the magnificent beaches, and the second is the traditional village of Panagia, located in the mountains. After all, the entire island combines the green mountains and the turquoise water. 


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