Acropolis- one of the best monuments in Europe.

The monument of Acropolis took the 21st place in the list of the better monuments in Europe according to the users of the online travel guide Trip advisor. The monuments were chosen by millions of users in an online vote, people took place from all over the world to announce the most beautiful monuments that they have ever visit.

The prizes of the ''Travellers Choice Award 2015'' comprising a total discrimination for ten Greek monuments:

1) Acropolis

2) Parthenon

3) Meteora

4) Delphi

5) Temple of Hephaestus

6) The monastery of Panagia the Chozoviotisa

7) Acropolis of Lindos

8) Spinaloga

9) Theatre of Epidaurus

10) Hermes of Praxiteles

Globally the Trip advisor users revealed as the 1st monument in the world ''The Temple of Angkor Wat''.


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