A fairytaile village in the Olympic Riviera.

Pieria or ''Olympic Riviera is a popular tourist area located south of Thessaloniki. Situated on the mountain Olympus on an altitude of 500meters, is the small picturesque village named Palaios Panteleymonas. It offers panoramic views of the Thermaikos bay and the southern shores of Pieria, a dense forest with perennial plane trees.  Visiting the village someone can see the true nature combined with tradition and history, living through the ages. Cars are not allowed inside the village, the visitors leave the vehicles in the parking lot outside the village, and explore the area on foot through the narrow stone streets, admiring the traditional architecture of Epirus, survived for four centuries. The village has traditional cafe places under the trees, gift shops, stores with local products, museum and several charming taverns, with local cuisine, the dishes are prepared with local meat and products, and even the bread is homemade.

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