''Le petit paradis, Halkidiki''

''Little Paradise'' was the phrase that used a France journalist that recently visited the Peninsula. The Reporters shared their extensive experience which was gained over 4 days on the three ''fingers'' of the peninsula,  being surrounded by pristine nature. The Info Press Tour Trip was organized by the Tourist Organization and the Greece Marketing in order to familiarize the French readers with the region of Halkidiki and attract more tourists from France. The participants of the tour were many popular journalists from France, and some famous bloggers.

On the First day the journalists visited Kassandra, there they had the opportunity to familiarize with one of the most best panoramic view of the region, combing the beauty of the coniferous forests and the wildlife. The visitors were fascinated by the traditional village of Afitos, where they could enjoy a swim in the turquoise waters of the Gylf. Sithonia charmed her guests with the beautiful sandy beaches and a sense of ''appeasement''.

The tour ended in the town of Ouranoupoli, from there the journalists visited the island of Amouliani. Where, made a big impression the measured pace of the local residents and the pristine beauty of the island. Leaving the peninsula, the guests from France admitted that they were completely fascinated by the hospitality of the locals, the traditional cuisine and the stunning natural beauty of Halkidiki. 


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