An extraordinary creation by Greek Architects

This is undoubtedly the most interesting and beautiful architectural creation that we have seen lately, and most importantly because it was created by Greek architects. It concerns a building called ''Casa Brutale'' (from the architectural bureau OPA), which can be built in a hanging position over the precipice, over the islands of the Aegean Sea. 

The ''Casa Brutale'' designers say that it is a reflection of the geometric environment. The building is placed in the environment taking into account the peculiarities of the Greek nature. It is fully integrated into the rock to keep it in constant contact with the environment, as well as leave a panoramic view of the sea. The building is made of simple materials such as wood, glass and cement. The light passes through the large glass surface, creating unusual bright space, maintaining a direct contact with the external environment.

Only a few photos are enough to realise that we are facing something really special ''Casa Brutale'' makes us especially proud of the fact that this miracle created with a force of Greek hands and minds.




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