Colourful Coffee is the new trend!!!

Which coffee do you prefer at this time of the day? Pink freddo, frappe blue or a yellow cappuccino? In the latest coffee fashion all shades are acceptable and possible! The new craze was born of course in Thessaloniki, the coffee capital of Greece. And if Brazil is the birthplace of coffee, Thessaloniki is the city where drinking coffee is began to be a special ritual and almost a religious right. 

The tradition if drinking coffee unbroken link of the history of Thessaloniki and have their routes in the years when Ottomans ruled in the XIX century, in town began to open the first cafe-aman, familiar to us as Today's cafe bars. Since immemorial times even when the cocoa beans were crushed and roasted by hand, and to the present day when works the miracle of drink coffee machines, the city of Thessaloniki has always been an innovator in the coffee industry. But in order to stay on the top of the coffee wave, it is necessary to improve the existing concepts and to invent new ones. One of these innovative ideas was the project ‘‘Colourful Coffee''. The project exists less than a year, but manager to get into fashion. The idea is simple and ingenious: each visitor can enjoy a coffee to match their preferences and mood, adding to its colourful foam notes. 

Two women invented the colourful coffee among other unique ideas, such as the frappe with foam milk. The creations have many fans from all age groups. In addition, in the manufacture of coffee only certified substances of natural origin, with which the colour of the casters coffee without changing its original flavour.


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