17 Monuments highlighted by Unesco.

Greece signed a convention with Unesco in 1981, for the protection of monuments and world heritage sites. Thanks to its geographical position it has been a cross board of cultures which have left everywhere their traces, monuments of architecture and settlements, even their dietary habits. 

Unesco with the introduction of the world heritage institution, sought to protect and highlight monuments, groups of buildings and sites with historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological or anthropological value.

Visit Greece guides us in the world heritage Site of our country. The first monument included in the Unesco list is the Temple of Epicurean Apollo in 1986. The list since then has raised dramatically. Today it includes seventeen monuments throughout the country.

1) The Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae (1986).

2) The Archaeological site of Acropolis (1987).

3) The Archaeological site of Delphi (1987).

4) The sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus (1988).

5) The Mount Athos (1988).

6) The Medieval city of Rhodes (1988).

7) Meteora (1988).

8) The palaiochristianika and Byzantine monuments of Thessaliniki (1988).

9) The archaeological site of Mystras (1989).

10) The archaeological site of Olympia (1989).

11) The archaeological site of Delos (1990).

12) The monasteries of Daphni, Hosios Loukas and the Nea Moni of Chiou.

13) The archaeological site of Ireon Samos (1992).

14) The archaeological site if Aigai Vergina. (1996).

15) The archaeological sites of Mycenae and Tyrius (1999).

16) The historic centre (Chora), the Monastery of St. John the theologian, and the cave of Apocalypse of Patmos (1999).

17) The old Town of Corfy (2007).


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