The pursuit of elite real estate!

According to the ''Newsweek'' publication, foreign buyers come to invest in Greece their capital in expensive villas. The American journal analyzes the information of the German edition of ''Bild'', according to which Greece has become a major market for foreign Tycoons in real estate. This demand is due to significant drop in property prices in the Greek real estate market and particularly for luxury villas, which were not available until recently. The prices for elite real estate fell by 50% since 2009, but this does not mean that will prices fell also the demand, every year more and more foreign buyers seeking to purchase a luxury home on the beach.

''The Greek crisis creates additional opportunities for the real estate market on the Greek islands''. CNN Money published with the same name its report on the Greek real estate purchase, the price of which fell sharply. ''Greece has a proposal for you'' writes CNN and adds that despite the political situation around Greece, enterprising investors are chasing lucrative offers of villas in Greek islands. The greatest demand in the market is the Greek islands and the tourist regions of mainland in Greece. 

Grekodom Development Company presents you some interesting offers in the island of Crete- 681, Santorini- 5575, Peloponnese- 4927, Corfy- 8595 and in the region of Halkidiki- 1885.


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