Four secrets of Greek cuisine.

The originality of the traditional Greek cuisine is determined by a combination of three factors: excellent ingredients, special attitude to food and feast, and the atmosphere of the country surrounding the environment. From Greek cuisine, there are four secrets: fresh, high quality products, wise use of herbs and spices, the famous Greek olive oil and the underlying simplicity of the recipes. The Greek olive oil deserves special praise: it is used in all dishes of Greek cuisine (many of them in abundance), has superb quality and it is very useful for health. A significant role in the Greek kitchen play vegetables and herbs. Thanks to the mild climate of the country growing of vegetables in greenhouses are not too developed and thus, vegetables, mostly mature in natural conditions, while maintaining its natural aroma and taste. Greek tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, onions, parsley and garlic will lead you in delight, not to mention fresh Geek fruits, grapes, apricots, peaches, cherries, fructose, water and many, many others. Widely popular among the Greek's enjoyed the wild herbs, known for their smell and taste, as well as medicinal properties. Trying one of the various dishes of Greek cuisine, you will feel the intoxicating aroma of Regan, thyme, mint or rosemary and don't forget the Greek cheeses, in particular Feta (cheese). Greek sheep and goats graze on free pasture, among fragrant shrubs and herbs, and their meat is  of incomparable taste, equal to which you will not find anywhere else in the world. Fish and all kinds of other delicacies of the Mediterranean, which have abundant famous for its crystal clear waters of the Greek seas (Aegean and Ionian) much tastier than those that delivers the ocean. Definitely try the fresh fish baked on coals, it is rightfully considered as a rare treat.

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