The Tomb of Alexander the Great.

A resident of one of the villages Ellasony, a 67-year old pensioner claims that the legendary Mount Olympus, where flourished the Ancient Pieria (Tripoli), is the tomb of Alexander Macedonian. The pensioner claims that he found the tomb of the great Greek and ask for help from Archaeologists, a few years ago, but due to the lack of funds necessary for the holding of Special works, excavation began.

''With 10 years my hobbies are history, and I'm sure I have found the tomb of Alexander the great, the Treasury and the tomb of Olumpias, his mother. All of these graves are a part of the Olympic Riviera. Seeing that I cannot help archaeologists, I wrote to the President of the Greek parliament, who listened to me sent archaeologists to place. Unfortunately, I did not understand why not began studies in this area''.


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