Greek Bali- Crete!

In Northern Crete, between Heraklion and Rethymnon, lies the picturesque fishing village of Bali- a treasure trove of the most beautiful beaches. It is no coincidence that the word ''Bali'' means ''Honey'', this place attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world each summer. Natural Bay embraces the mountains, creating an idyllic atmosphere. 

According to Greek legend, the mountain, which lies to the south of Bali (Talea Ori or Talos Mountains) is a mountain, given as a gift to the Cretans from Zeus. Talos was a mythical giant invulnerable defender of Minoan Crete from the intruders. This is a great option for nature lovers and walkers.

In bali are located 4 main sandy beaches with an alluring green-blue sea, and each visitor can choose a beach for every taste lively or calm, secluded of crowded. As well as everything you need for tourists: shops, souvenir shops, super markets, traditional taverns, cafes, bars, hotels, diving center, canoe rental and many other recreational facilities.


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