Seventeen Greek Islands for sale- from 3,5 to 392million euros!

With the hupe that was created recently by the Greek foundation of privatization of state property, as well as the requirements of lenders, which under certain conditions may apply arrest on public property, were entering the surface of different properties that could go under the hammer and we just havent heard.... This can be Santorini, Rhodes, Corfu and even the Parthenon! If something like this happens, we will know about it in time. However.... many Greek islands are -fresh fish on gril at an affordable price for rich pocket. 

Some of them have already been sold, for many others, only now beggin bidding ''Pieces of Heaven'' offers individual and sold the most usual way to large real estate companies. A few days ago it became known that Warren Buffet bought a small island in the Saronic Gulf- Agios Fomas for 15 million euros and, as we have already mentioned, last week Johnie Depp bought a ''Round'' in the area of Strongili island Dodekanese for 4,2 million euros. According to that claim professionals interest  expressed by many representatives of show business, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


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