Plans for a large investment project in tourism on the island of Chios.

A major investment in tourism is planned in the Keramia district of the island of Chios on the system of the expedited procedure for the review of the case, will be the subject of The Inter-Ministerial Committee for strategic investment, which is scheduled for the coming days.

The Secretary-General's recommendation on strategic and private investment, Loi Lamprianidi is positive, that probably means that investment will be approved by.

The investment budget of 150 million euros, includes the construction of a five star hotel with bungalows with a total capacity of around 1000 seats, as well as the construction of a Yachting Marina.

Part of the investment would be made into old facilities, located in the area of Keramia.

The bearer of the investment is the joint stock company "Keramia", representing the interests of Kolakis corporations (origin of the island of Inousses) leading activities, mainly in the field of navigation.


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