Alistratis Cave.

Alistratis Cave was known in 1975 in Speleological Company, then a Community document Alistrati. The cave is located in position "Petroto", 50 km from Serres and attracts many visitors not only from Greece but also from around the world, as they are considered one of the biggest and most beautiful caves in Europe.

The surface of the cave is 25,000 square meters and 3000 meters in length, while the age is calculated at around 2,000.000 years and has natural ventilation. The temperature inside the cave during the month of May was found after almost constant measurements at 20 degrees, while the humidity of 70-75%. The cave has a richly decorated, with great variety of stalagmites, stalactites and eliktites.

In short distance from the tourist flawlessly developed cave is the Aggitis River Gorge. The visitor apart from the beauty of the river can admire the flora and fauna which are among the most rare who can meet the visitor can see Eagles, hawks, and herons.

Access: alistratis cave is 50 km. Prefecture of Serres, 25 km. Ld of Dramas and 65 km. Northwest of Kavala. Alistrati is access from Thessaloniki via Serres or Asprovalta and from Kavala through Drama.


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