Jolie and Pitt have chosen Greece!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are collecting suitcases to visit Greece again. It is not the first time that the celebrity couple chooses our country for recreation, previously the couple was vacationing on the island of Santorini and the peninsula of Halkidiki, Possidi.

According to the publication in Espresso, following the direction of the star couple and their extended family will Diaporos islet, which is located opposite the village of Vourvourou (Sithonia Halkidiki). The family Jolie-Pitt will stop at the luxurious villa of the former President of PAOK, Thomas Vulinosa.

The couple did not conceal the fact that Chalkidiki is chosen because this place is a perfect combination of the green environment and the deep blue waters that distinguishes it from most summer destinations in the country.

Recently, the couple purchased the island in the Ionian Sea, Gea worth 4.7 million dollars, which undeniably prove their love for Greece.


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