Athens Library for free book exchange!

"I have always imagined that paradise turns out to be a kind of library," said Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. Such a small paradise with 2012 year in Athens are trying to create young architects Irini Emilia Ioannidou and Eleftherios Abatzis, who developed the unusual stalls for free Exchange of books. They offered an alternative to the traditional libraries, the books gathering dust and are bored, for aesthetic and cultural education of residents and guests of the capital. At the moment such mini-libraries in eight planned opening on beaches and other popular places of the city. "Ideally, we would like to see this idea has captured all of Greece," the dream of the initiators of the idea. The kiosks operate 24 hours a day, allowing you to borrow books at any time, return or Exchange. Literature collection is updated daily, and you can use it completely free of charge. Developers rely entirely on the responsibility of readers: to read a book in the center of town or on the beach, no need to register or leave personal information. Find the nearest "shelf" can be on the official site (

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