Theme: holidays in Greece occupies the first place in Google search results.

"The first topic in most international media, as well as the first searches of Internet users who plan their holidays, is Greece," reported on the website of the Vocative.

"Google search themes vacation in Greece today is higher than in the last 10 years, it has been argued on the site. Since 2005 year theme holidays in Greece today, more than ever, as evidenced by the data Google Trends service, which is a very useful tool for market research. Based on this data service, Greece currently enjoys the highest interest among the British. The day after the referendum, "increased interest in holding a holiday in Greece," observed in the travel agencies of the country, according to the newspaper "the Independent".

Similarly, the increased interest (up to 16% compared with the previous week and up to 12% compared to last year) can be seen on the tourist platform Skyscanner. Corresponding to an increase of 15% compared to may is celebrated and Trivago for June. A similar interest to Greece are also in Germany and in Austria.

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