One of the world's oldest platanus trees is located in Crete.

As a Monumental tree, declared a natural monument in the year 2011, one of the world's oldest Platanus trees, is located in the village of Krasi (Malia), on Crete.

The diameter of its trunk is about 24 metres, and the age is estimated to be 2400 years-according to the experts, each meter is equal to 100 years.

The Platanus has huge branches and dense foliage covering almost all the space of the square on which it is located. Next to the tree are two sources of water that do not dry up all year.

The tree has witnessed countless historic events and the Centre of social and intellectual life of the country. It is known that Nikos kazantzakis, together with his friends in the village, which was the birthplace of his wife Galatea Alexiou, several summer seasons in the period from 1910 to 1920.

The huge tree is itself an ecosystem and attracts visitors coming from afar to admire the Platanus next to ancient sources.

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