September holiday destinations in Greece.

Famous tourist Portal «Trivago has reviewed foreign preference "and Greek holidaymakers for the month of September this year.

Traditionally the cuddly, literally "the Velvet season" in Greece choose for their rest Italians, Germans and Britons. Following the classic troika prefer Greek vacation countries were Bulgaria and Spain with France unexpectedly. Of all the Greek regions of foreign tourists have chosen in September the island Santorini, Crete Chania and Athens. Five continue to Mykonos island and the peninsula of Chalkidiki. Top ten Greek tourist destinations close Corfu, Thassos, Rhodes, Kos and Parga on the coast of Epirus.

With regard to local tourists, the Greeks to relax for the first autumn month chosen primarily mainland resorts such as Halkidiki, Parga, Syvota and Nafplio. Then in the preferences of the Greek island of Santorini, followed by Chania, Thassos, Lefkada, Zakynthos, Tinos.

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