One of the best parks in Europe.

European tourists are encouraged to add to the list of visits, during the holidays, in addition to nightlife, architectural monuments, wild beaches and museums-nature walks through the picturesque places!

One such place is the Greek National Park Olympus, one of the many national parks in Europe.

Olympus has taken the fifth place in the European top 20, compiled by the website TripsToDiscover.

The Greece National Park is rich in flora and fauna, which represents 25% of the species diversity of Greece, this tumult helped \ Wins to get into the list of leading nature reserves UNESCO.

The Park extends nearly 150 sq m, which is the third of the 52 peaks of Olympus. The Visitors waiting for mountain landscapes, which daily enjoyed the Greek gods, according to ancient mythology.

Located on the hillside of the old village of Dion, there you can look at the existing archaeological excavations and visit the Museum with valuable artifacts.


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