Top ten places to explore in Greece.

Known for its abundance of ancient monuments, white-stone villages, sandy beaches, excellent cuisine and hospitality, it is no surprise that Greece is among the leading tourist destinations in Europe. As a mountainous mainland, and hundreds of Islands offer stunning scenery, historical attractions, night life and a huge range of cultural events. Τ has prepared a list of 10 best places for dating with Greece.

1. Greek Islands

Beautiful and exotic Greek island lured hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, and make them one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, historic sights, picturesque coves and volcanoes. The Greek Islands has absolutely everything!

Included in the Cyclades, Santorini, archipelago is one of the most picturesque islands and is definitely one of the best places to visit Greece. Also, part of the Cyclades Islands, Mykonos is a modern, cosmopolitan society with traditional whitewashed houses and winding streets. Rhodes is the capital and the largest island in the Dodecanese archipelago, famous for its beautiful beaches and historical value. Corfu impressive architecture and bujnorastuŝej Greens on the island.

2. Athens

Inhabited over 3000 years ago, Athens is widely known as the cradle of Western civilization and the birthplace of democracy. The city is a complex combination of historical and modern features. Athens are famous for their archeological sites and monuments such as the Acropolis, the ancient market and the theatre of Dionysius.

3. Crete

The largest and southernmost of the Greek Islands offers visitors a huge selection of contrasts. Full history, Crete still has archaeological traces of ancient cultures. Impressive archaeological monuments, fantastic cuisine, beautiful beaches, many of which have been recognized as the best in the world, all you will find on Crete.

4. Meteors

Means "Hung in the air, and this phrase is very accurately describes the spectacular cliffs, rising to 366 metres above the village of Kalambaka. Historic monasteries date back to the 14th and 16-th centuries, they were built by monks who sought spiritual loneliness and refuge from religious persecution.

5. Delphi

Delphi is one of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece. The ancient Greeks considered Delphi, the center of the Earth. Dedicated to the God Appolonu, place it was considered important to Oracle. In ancient times, people have visited this sacred place, to consult the Priestess Pifiej.

6. The Peloponnese

Shaped in the form of a large leaf, the Peloponnese was named Morey, that means the leaves of the mulberry tree. (C) the classical Greek temples, Venetian castles, Byzantine churches and Mycenaean palaces, the region retains echoes of ancient civilizations, filled with events with a rich history. Among ancient archeological sites in the Peloponnesus is Olympia, where the first Olympic Games were held in honour of Zeus.

7. Chalkidiki

Halkidiki is reminiscent of the Trident and is known for its stunning sandy beaches. Three separate peninsula can be described as follows: Cassandra is a region with a vibrant nightlife, Sithonia-gorgeous beaches and untouched nature, Athos a separate monastic state.

8. Zagori

Zagori, is an area of natural beauty with spectacular national parks. Dense forests and mountains are crisscrossed by mighty rivers and dotted with traditional villages with stone houses. The most accessible and impressive place region is considered stunning Vikos gorge.

9. Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. Grand festivals, social events and a lively nightlife make this city a cultural capital of Greece. It consists of the historic city centre and shopping district and offers both old and new attractions.

10. Cape Sounion

Located at the southernmost point of the peninsula of Attica, Cape Sounion is widely known as the location of the ruins of the ancient temple of Poseidon, God of the sea. The area is a popular destination for day tours from Athens.

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