Greece's largest Sundial in the courtyard of the school are set in the town of Nea Ionia.

The largest Sundial in Greece were established in the town of Nea Ionia in the area of the city of Volos. Nea Ionia-the second largest city of Magnisii, part of the municipality of Volos. Natural boundary separating the city of Volos and Nea Ionia, serves as the Krafsidonas River. Local attractions include attention to Evaggelistrim Church, Museum of popular resistance and the Museum of pre-war production of silk. Now another steel and striking landmark Sundial.

Their size-6 x 8 meters and they are the biggest in Greece and one of the few in the world. We are talking about sundials, showing time is calculated up to a minute and established last Monday in the courtyard of the ordinary school-2-th city Lyceum. The arrow on the clock is an iron rope stretched from the asphalt to the roof of the school. To know the time in Greece, it is necessary to add 23 minutes in time, which show to watch.

Over ambitious project for two years worked 23 Grade B1 school season 2013-2014, under the guidance of the ideological mastermind of the project, Professor of mathematics, Dimitris Blatsisa.

To create a sundial students applied the principles of astronomy and mathematics from the school curriculum.


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