Holidays in Greece year-round!

Greece is a country in which there is everything at any time of the year! Rest assured: any season will be good for holiday in Greece!

Autumn Greece. This time of year comes very discreetly, since half the usual autumn rainy pores, Greece continues to luxuriate in the warm sunlight and enjoy "Root-Velvet season". By November, "summer" in the foreign-speaking his understanding in Greece ends. From November to February to Greece coming cool weather. But even at this time happens to be relatively warm weather with warm sunny days, some tourists prefer to get acquainted with the history and sights of Greece it is in such calm and absolutely no tourist atmosphere with fully enjoying all historical sights.

In winter, the Greek tourism industry becomes dormant. This is especially noticeable on the Islands. Inhabitants of some small islands in the winter months even moved to the Mainland to relive there the low tourist season. Some hotels, restaurants and open-air cafes are closed from late November to early April. Buses and ferries are also beginning to walk less. But gaining great demand winter resorts such as Parnasos, Kalavryta, Arachova, Pilio and famous Karpenisi, which with great pleasure in attending both local residents and tourists from all countries.

But what, heaven comes to lovers of excursions. The Sun measured heats and you can safely sightseeing-agree, summer climb to the Acropolis or the Monasteries of Meteora in 40-degree heat isn't too easy ... You can just visit Athens to wander through the narrow streets of the old town, sit at tavernas and cafes. And, most importantly, enjoy the beautiful decoration of cities over the Christmas period.

Spring is the time of the first tourists. In April, hibernation is coming to an end, and the first tourist "Swallows" come to Greece. Until mid-June weather in the country worth a remarkable optimally suitable for a relaxing Beach and outdoor activities. The air in these months is already warmed up enough, but at the same time there is searing heat. Another major plus of this resting time: beaches not yet overrun by tourists and attractions-curious tourists. Public transportation starts work on conventional, not reduced, schedule. In these months, when still no peak tourist season, you can also choose a room at any hotel or apartment accommodation at attractive prices.

Summer is the time for the Islands and partying. From mid-June to the end of August in Greece comes the high tourist season. On the Islands at this time is not very crowded. Rest here in the midst of the summer is ideal lovers parties and noisy companies. The summer months are the time of the scorching sun. Daytime temperatures can reach + 40 c in the shade. Beaches and attractions are overrun with tourists from around the world and raise prices hotels and apartments. High season begins to subside in September, and from that time until the end of October again there comes a paradise for travelers.

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