The valley of butterflies!

Just 7 km from Parikia town, near the monastery of Agiou Arseniou, PAROS hides a secret, visited by hordes of tourists, from the authorities by the end of August. Is the site Butterflies, a unique monument of the Parian nature, with dense vegetation from Cypress, plane trees, wrapped in Ivy, bays, olive trees and other fruit trees and a source of water.

The combination of all this creates a unique Habitat for butterflies kind of Jersey Tiger Moth, which you can see them perched in large numbers, in the trunks of trees. Butterflies of PAROS, which distinguish them from the wonderful colors (brown-black, with yellow-white edges and bloodshot feathers when they open) appear from late May up to the end of July, while disappearing in August to see again in September. This is because females looking for place to leave their eggs and then die. The caterpillars emerge from eggs in October and become butterflies in May. From June to August, staying up in the trunks of trees to mate in August, continuing the cycle of rebirth.

The area of the Valley, you can join by paying a small fee at the entrance, while the advice given is to do it as quiet as possible, so as not to ruffled the beautiful Bushmen and forced to consume energy, which is need to complete their mission.

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