Russian language workshops in Rhodes with the support of "Mouzenidis Group".

Municipality of Rhodes and "mouzenidis travel» Russian language courses, mainly for workers in the tourism industry. We are talking about holding four workshops, which cost will be paid by Mouzenidis travel.

The seminars will take place in halls 1-st Gymnasium of Rhodes and the cultural centre of Kremasti. Each seminar for 70 hours each, designed to accommodate 50 people, divided into two age groups: from 18 to 35 years and with 36 to 55 years. The courses will take place three times a week for two hours, during the period from October 26, 2015 on January 31, 2016 onwards.

The program is designed for beginners (level A1), with emphasis on tourist terms. Teachers are graduates of the Faculty of Russian Philology. Training materials are divided into two categories:

a) Brochure in Russian language, issued by the Russian publishing house Russian language courses, which are used worldwide as basic tutorials for accelerated learning

b) Print materials, edited the scientific teaching group, which is responsible for the Organization of seminars in the municipalities of Greece.

At the end of the workshops, students should be required to pass written and oral examinations in the field.

The aim of the course is to facilitate access to employment for the Greeks, working in the sphere of tourism, modernization of the proposed tourist services and popularization of Rhodes as a tourist destination among tourists from the countries of the former Soviet Union.


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