Climbing in Greece

On climbing venues Greece merge together with nature, cultural heritage and scenic views.

All you need is a desire, a nice outfit and excellent physical condition.

Professionals recommend mountaineering in the region of Trikala in the Tempe Valley, in Iraklitsa near Kavala, and not far from Patra (Kalogria, Alepohori), Nafplion, in village of Langadia at the foot of Mount Taygetos, near mount Timfis, in Zagoria, and of course the legendary Mount Olympus.

According to legend, the slopes of Olympus, whose tops reach 3000-meter height, were rich in nectar of ancient Greek gods.

It was from here that the great Zeus throw lightning and Thunder to the ground.

This ancient image of the holy mountain, with its innumerable natural resources are currently under the protection of the National Park of Olympus (1938), and its slopes are known as "Lower Olympus" (Kato Olympos), were declared a biosphere reserve.

Trip to Olympus, the conquest of its vertices, traces of ancient civilizations on the high plateaux, a sense of former power, is a real trip back in time.

Camping on the Olympus is a point-to-point tour average difficulty level, where you will find the highest and most famous peaks of the mountains with stunning scenery. This tour is perfect for those who already has some experience in such campaigns and is in good physical condition.


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