Chocolate miracles and other surprises in the Greek capital!

Residents and visitors of the Greek capital expects a big surprise in November this year. 1200 litres of chocolate chocolate waterfall and traditions will wait for the visitors at the Exhibition Center HELEXPO with November 7, 2015 on February 21, 2016 year-enough time to plunge into the dizzying atmosphere before Christmas.

Finally the dream of those who loves the movie "Charlie and the chocolate factory" with Johnny Depp! This interactive and original theme park attracts visitors of all ages and gives positive emotions. The Museum of cocoa and chocolate, in addition to entertainment and attractions, you will not only learn all about exotic cocoa, see real samples of fruits and seeds from the time of the Aztecs, but to participate in the production of chocolate products and their packaging.

The organizers of this wonderful event, prepared also other surprises. Offering a glimpse into the laboratory and plant quality through Scientist-sorcerer, learn  to others  a "big secret".

Chocolate waterfall, seminar on sweets, where they can not only see, but also trying to create handmade caramel Choco-Art Pavilion, familiarity with chocolate sculptures, paintings, works of art, 18th and comics on the chocolate theme-all this will wait for residents and visitors of Athens in November. Do not miss!

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