You can become the owner of a Greek island! Is it Myth or Reality?

Thinking about the acquisition of the Greek real estate, some are asking: «Is it possible to buy an island in Greece?» The real estate experts of the Company «Grekodom» emphatically answer: it is real! Among the thousands of Greek islands, there are many particles of land in the Mediterranean that are available for sale.

Greece is a country, the coast and the islands of which are washed by the Mediterranean, Aegean, Ionian seas. In the basin of the seas there are nearly 6000 small and large islands. Among its neighbors-European countries, Greece has truly sumptuous richness, and most important, provides an opportunity to become the owner of these pieces of treasure for those who is searching for their own island.

The Greek statistics says that about 230 islands of Greece have a population. In private possession of the certain persons or companies there are around 130 islands. This number is considerable and, therefore, the Greek islands are affordable, one need only to ask for and to find a suitable one. And if a few years ago for foreigners it was only possible a long-term lease of the Greek islands, the crisis of the recent years have changed it and today the purchase is possible!

Purchase of the island is profitable

Buying an island in Greece may become a logical continuation of a business idea. In a country with a developed tourist infrastructure an island it is possible to be transformed to the basis for creating a luxury resort, accommodation hotel or villa complex.

Greece has everything to offer to investors and customers, broad-minded and with the understanding for which purpose they needed the island. The greatest demand for such property is noticed among construction and real estate companies that choose the territory for their future villa complexes or tourist sites, as well as among the individuals, who are looking for the options for their family and personal use. The buyers with a substantial income can expect to invest in Greece. The island can become a good investment with its further sale at a higher price: the option is quite natural, since there are some attractive offers, but their number is limited - today it is announced a sale of not more than fifty islands. Before the crisis, that seized a Greek real estate, island’s value increment could be up to 2 million per year. Besides that, Greece is encouraging investment in tourism infrastructure up to the investor’s compensation for half of the costs incurred during the project (eg construction of a hotel complex or other tourist site).

The Pros of purchase of a Greek island

Beside the investment and other business opportunities there are some obvious values ​​bestowed by nature of the Mediterranean and the privileged location. The region is famous for its mild climate with year-round comfortable weather, while all the Greek islands located in the Mediterranean basin, not far from the resort coast of Greece and Italy, it is possible to travel on a private boat to the Balearic Islands, the French Riviera, Monaco.

To the Greek real estate buyers from Russia, China, the Middle East offers the opportunity to obtain an official residence permit and later citizenship in a country of the European Union. The experts of the Company «Grekodom» comment that this right is available to each customer, who spends on the purchase of real estate or an island in Greece more than € 250 thousand. After 7 years, the holder of a residence permit who is the owner of the island can obtain Greek citizenship.

Purchase of an island is fashionable

The acquisition of the island gives to its owner a territorial independence, and can bring to life the star neighborhood. The international celebrities often examine the Greek islands, choosing for themselves a comfortable piece of the Mediterranean. Among the famous people who have become owners of their small Greece there is an actor Johnny Depp (the owner of the uninhabited island in the Aegean Sea), American businessman Warren Buffett (the island area of ​​1.2, the Emir of Qatar Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani (six islands in the Ionian Sea), the Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev (island of Skorpios and Sparti in the Ionian Sea).

Best offers on the islands of the «Grekodom Development»!

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