One of the best museums in the World-National Archaeological Museum called 10 best museums in the world. They entered the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

According To, museums are ideal platforms for showcasing Visual Arts, be it painting, sculpture or photography. It is also the result of efforts to meet the spiritual needs of several generations and a demonstration of different arts and cultures of different times. The reason for the selection of the ten most important museums in the world have become stored knowledge and experience offered by the visitor.

With an extensive collection of finds made during excavations in Greece, starting from prehistoric times to the late Antiquity, this museum is the perfect place for lovers of history and antiquity. Founded in 1829, he presents a wide variety of prehistoric art, including several major collections, including the collection of sculptures, a collection of exhibits of the island Santorini, Stafatu collection, a collection of Egyptian art and Antiquities of the Middle East, etc. The Museum organizes temporary thematic exhibitions and organizes the presentation of exhibits from its own stores, has a library, laboratories, Lecture Hall and participates in various educational programs.

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