Athens airport is recognized as one of the best in Europe!

Athens airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" rated website, took leading positions across Europe.

Athens International Airport is an airport in Central Greece, serving not only capital, but also in Attica. This major airport is known for its constant investment in innovative technology that allows you to call him one of the most modern in Europe and the world as a whole. Also worth noting is the unique design, accommodating not only comfort, but also a cultural value. The airport is a great archaeological museum that allows to enjoy the culture and history of the country, literally getting off the plane or beguiling your timeout flight. The airport is becoming all the more popular as the hub for Southeast and East Asia, it is the largest airport in Europe, receiving flights Middle East (due to the proximity to region).

Rating of the best airports in the world swelled the airports of countries: Germany (Munich), Finland (Helsinki-Vantaa) and Switzerland (Zurich). The winners were determined by tourists on four main criteria: available facilities, comfort, cleanliness and quality of service. Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" was particularly noted for its cleanliness and friendly staff that, according to tourists, gives special comfort. However, the main attraction of the airport, was visiting the archaeological museum which not only can pass the time while waiting for your flight, but also directly get acquainted with the great history of the country.

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