The magnificent city of Kastoria

The city of Kastoria is a centre of the eponymous Nome (district). The population of the city is approaching 20,000 inhabitants.

Kastoria is located at an altitude of 630 metres above sea level between the mountains of Grammos and Vici. The city is surrounded by Lake, connecting with the land strip of land arising during bulk operations.

Throughout its long history, the city was besieged by the times and subjected to incursions by Bulgaria, Normandy and Turkey. But, despite this, Kastoriá managed to keep to our days a great number of Byzantine churches, as well as relics and mansions as evidence of its prosperity-in times of active trading fur products in many major cities in Europe.

As regards the names of the Lake of Kastoria, known in our days and as Orestiada, it is believed that it comes from the word "κάστορες" ("kastores"), which in Greek language means the Beavers who lived here for centuries.

On the preserved data, beavers lived and in the Lake: the State Archives of Venice under no. 1314 reports that the inhabitants of Kastoria send several fur from Beaver.
Furs were a necessary part of clothing for wealthy Greeks as a symbol of nobility and manifestations of social status. Late 17th century French traveler Antoine Olivier pointed out that most women of Constantinople was before 12 dresses with fur trim, some of which cost from 15.000 to 20.000 francs. I must say that the poor benefited from bar and fur products, but from a Hare, Jackal and sheep. Greek furriers, spotted this trend created a lucrative profession and have developed active trade, which extended far beyond the borders of their homeland, having spread to Austria, Hungary and distant then Holland.

So, since then and to the present day city of Kastoria is renowned for its furs. Today it is home to a great number of fur coat workshops, providing their products almost all over Europe. Annually, in Kastoria is conducted one of the largest exhibitions of fur, which seek to take all manufacturing companies.


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