Greece supports France among with the whole world!

The event that occurred on Friday evening in central Paris shocked the whole world. The  International support of France from the worldwide adopted Greece, should go by turning their main buildings colours of the French flag. JesuisParis! (Solidarity action: I Paris!) This action also has the support of social networks, where most users took advantage of the special service and changed their main profile photo to support France. Topical and figure Jean Julien, French artist Jean Julien yesterday night laid out in social networks figure: the Eiffel Tower, in a symbol of peace-Pacific, and signed it: "the world Paris ".

At the same time Sunday evening, a number of widely known in the world of buildings, such as the famous Acropolis in Athens and the White Tower of Thessaloniki in Greece, Ostankino Tower in Moscow The famous Sydney Opera House, the Spire of the new building of the World Trade Center in New York, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Wembley Stadium in England, the National Opera of Sydney, as well as many other lighted by the colours of the national flag in solidarity with France. The whole world from Greece to Sydney himself expressed sorrow about the great tragedy.

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