Museum of culture of Eastern Mani opened in Gythio

In Gythio (Peloponnese) opened a new modern museum-Centre of culture of Eastern Mani. The Museum is dedicated to the land of Mani, its history and cultural heritage. The Museum is located in the Centre of Gythio in the historic building of the former girls ' school, built in 1896.

Characteristic of the Mani are the aromas and memories, images, feelings and emotions. The authenticity of local flavours makes Earth Mani, one of the best gastronomic destinations.

The first section of the Museum is dedicated to the cultivation and promotion of local products. Museum visitors learn how locals were able to adapt to a rough rocky ground and "tamed" in their favour stones, cultivating drylands.

The second introduces the newest history and works of the famous Peloponessien Githio, poets, Yiannis Ritsos and Teacher Vrettakosa. The third and final section connects the past and present through an interactive touch screen.

It is important to note that the collection was collected from private objects and relics, transferred to the Museum in order to preserve the cultural heritage of Mani.

Educational activities and games make the Museum an ideal place for families, school children and students.

Admission is free.

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