Cretan production runs solar powered car Sunnyclist

Greek car Sunnyclist running on solar cells, will soon be put into production. Autonomous and practical car was developed in Crete, and for his final design took 4 years. Sunnyclist cost is estimated at half the cost of a European vehicle on solar energy, i.e., approximately 6500-7000 euro.

The design of the triple- tire car with a hybrid engine is manufactured using the most advanced computer engineering programs.

With solar sell 660Wp generator and motor output 4 kV, car Sunnyclist can overcome approximately 240 km solar capacity 3 kW only, while a small similar electric vehicle uses battery, 4 times greater in capacity.

Developers reportedly planned to manufacture three types of car: Sunnyclist City, Sunnyclist Traveler and Sunnyclist Hotel.

At the moment the campaign in support of the innovation project, which will last two months, after which the developers intend to immediately start producing car Sunnyclist.

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