Huffinton Post: Santorini among 12 best destinations for couples in the world

American Online Edition Huffinton Post published the top 12 of the world's best destinations for couples. On the 4-th place in the list is the Greek island of Santorini. Publication notes, "Although the rest of Santorini can be fairly expensive, staying on the island fully pays for all the expenses of the breathtaking views, archaeological monuments, and delicious local wine. Guests can enjoy Champagne on a yacht while sailing in the Aegean Sea, serves Mediterranean cuisine, to which they had no idea, take a tour in fantastic museums. While Mykonos attracts eager entertainment, Santorini is a haven for those seeking peace and does not save on your vacation. However, there are on the island and cheap hotels for those who prefer to save money.

For a complete list:

1. Maldives

2. Bali

3. Big Sur, California

4. Santorini

5. Chamonix, France

6. Amalfic coast, Italy

7. Granada, Spain

8. Istanbul, Turkey

9. Bar Harbor, Maine

10. Antigua

11. Connemara, Ireland

12. Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

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