Extreme Greece

Greece is gaining more and more hearts, charming tourists not only an abundance of beautiful places, delightful climate, great food and unique sea, but amazing areas of extreme sports.

Parkour in Santorini.

Popular festival Red Bull Art of Motion for Parkour enthusiasts is one of the most popular and exciting events.  This year the main friran concert of world change location: moved to the North of the island to the town of OIA, Santorini. New landscape track just one flip from the picturesque sea sunsets will deliver before the daunting task.  At extreme competitions take part the most talented athletes to show their skills in running, hanging above the roofs, balconies and various buildings picturesque Greek island.

Rafting in Voidomatis. 

In Greece, where the mountains constitute a significant part of the beautiful scenery, there are many beautiful mountain streams to rivers. Their waters for those who engage in rafting-guarantee thrills and adrenaline surge! For fans of this extreme and fascinating sport has a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the river Voidomates in the region of Epirus, famed for its clean waters in the whole of Europe.

Paragliding over the Peloponnese.

Fantastic scenic flights over the Peloponnese are available to everyone who wants one.  This extreme passion took its origin from the end of the 80, and continues to be in demand among both Greeks and visitors alike. Flights can enjoy both experienced pilots, and curious seekers of unforgettable sensations. Regardless of your skill level and experience, professional instructors will provide for you an enjoyable and safe flight.

Rock climbing at Meteora.

On the tops of the grandiose rocks, whose height reaches over 600 meters above sea level the Meteora had become one of the places of worship in Europe. To date, these rocks have already laid over 800 different routes, sometimes fancifully combine historical line of ascent to modern technically difficult keys. Rock climbing in the region specific, very different from everything else in terms of relief, used equipment, climbing strategy. For each climber who came in for the first time a meteor, it will be a valuable experience unique sensations and unforgettable impressions.


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