Thessaloniki among the ten hidden gems of Europe , ideal for young travelers

USA Today published a top 10 of the hidden gems of Europe , ideal for students and young people. Among those are the cities of Thessaloniki , who took the 10th place in the ranking , compiled by the American newspaper.
The second largest city in Greece is known for its well- preserved Roman , Byzantine and Ottoman architectural and cultural heritage . A city with a rich history and culture , Thessaloniki were proclaimed Youth Capital of Europe in 2014 , and the Lonely Planet guide named northern capital of Greece, one of the best places in the world for entertainment.

Photografy: Thomas Organtzis.
1. Aarhus, Denmark

2. Belgrade, Serbia

3. Bilbao, Spain

4.Kluzh - Napoca, Romania

5. Gent, Belgium

6. Ljubljana, Slovenia

7. Lugano, Switzerland

8. Porto, Portugal

9. Riga, Latvia

10. Thessaloniki, Greece
 Photografy: Thomas Organtzis.

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