A cognitive route of modern Greece

The new dynamic face of the sample in 2015 in Greece has the opportunity to discover the readership of the American travel magazine «Travel Weekly», publishing dedication Hellas in the November issue, the cover of which adorn Athens.

Travelling from Athens to the Peloponnese and the Aegean Coast, the author of guidebooks and writer Patricia Schultz reflects his experience in a 6-page publication devoted to Greece.

Studying the diversity of Athens, Patricia Schultz visited the city's museums, including the Acropolis Museum, which has become one of her favourite places in the world, exploring the streets of the capital, she discovered the Greek gastronomy, with surprise that " Greek cuisine is one of the most underrated "meets new ideas that turn Athens into a modern metropolis.

Continue their journey the author of publications in the first capital of the Greek state Nafplion, then enjoy the beauty of Porto Heli and briefly appears in the special atmosphere of the island of Patmos.

"History, beauty and hospitality of this country - it is something that will stay in my memory from that trip. In combination with the unique temperament of Greeks who live their lives to the fullest and are the epitome of Carpe Diem (" pluck the day " enjoy the moment), my experience in Greece is something that I never forget, "- he said in conclusion, Patricia Schultz. 


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